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Realacom's focus is providing efficient and cost-effective data communication services. From web pages to computer networks, we do it all.

Why Realacom?

Aside from the advanced technology we provide our clients, we have experts in every area related to the web. When you or your webmaster runs into something unfamiliar or there is a problem, there is someone go to for advice and assistance, most of the time at no charge.

What comes with your site?

FrontPage server extensions (Edit or build your site online.)
Unlimited email accounts - even browser access
Shopping cart  (with online administration)
Asp, Sql
Streaming video/audio
24 - 7 Support.

Contact us

Let us provide you with:

Co-Located Servers
Commercial Web Sites - ( i.e. )
Commercial E-mail Services - ( i.e. )
Private and Public Intranets
Computer Networking Services
Web Site Databases
Custom Designed Merchant Services
On Line Ordering Systems (Shopping Cart)
Video Conferencing Services
Internet Video & Audio Broadcasts

Each day that goes by, someone creates something new and exciting on the Internet. If what you and/or your business needs is not listed here, then please contact us for more information!

Reliability & Speed

Realacom's strengths are its dedicated staff, top notch equipment and cutting edge Microsoft software. Realacom uses Microsoft Windows 2000 Dual Pentium III and Athlon servers for lightning fast web requests. Our multiple web hosting and e-mail servers connect to the internet backbone through our OC-3 on the east and T-1 on the west coast. You are not bogged down with dial up service like our competitors, so all of the system performance is dedicated to sending and receiving of data for you applications.


With the power of Microsoft® FrontPage® 2002 software, we can give our clients complete creative control over their web sites. This program allows a person to manage and modify a web site with an easy to use graphical interface. No longer does one need to know FTP and HTML code. Familiarity with graphics editors and Windows based software is all that's required. For those that do not feel up to the task, we have a team of talented graphic artists that will work closely with you to design the product you want. FrontPage also allows the user to control security and access within their site. Since our servers are also equipped with SQL, you have the ability to create interfaces to existing databases in your web site. With the power of Web Trends, you receive daily and detailed, yet easy to read reports on the traffic generated by your internet account.

Realacom also supports the latest multi-media add-ons to make sure that our customers can take advantage of innovations in web design before they become 'old hat'. Some examples of the multi-media options that we support are Microsoft NetShow, Java, ActiveX, VBScripts, Visual Basic and .NET. Our commitment to advancement ensures that our customers can always maintain a cutting-edge presence on the internet.

As if all this was not enough, Realacom also uses the new I Mail Server from Ipswich. This gives our clients a variety of methods by which they can access their e-mail. In addition to their normal e-mail client, a person can also receive their mail by fax, pager, cell phone, or web browser.


Many individuals and organizations wanting an internet server have researched how much it costs to set up their own. They usually do not find it a cost effective solution when they consider the expense of a dedicated Web server (Over $3,000), the server software (Over $5,000), and the T1 line (Over $2000 / Month). Plus every complex network needs a good network manager. (That's About $40,000 /Year!).

Many organizations, even those which have deep pockets and technical expertise, will find it hard to justify such large expenditures. Realacom can provide you with all the services you need at a very competitive price. Feel free to contact us to find out what it will cost to make modern data communications work for you.

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