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Video Pay Per View and General Broadcasting.
Based on Windows MediaPlayer/Netshow.

Our rate range from 0.3 to 1 per megabyte of streamed video. This includes live on-line transactions so your customers does not have to wait for a username and password from some other source.

We will give you real-time reports of how many people are connected to your broadcast and a detailed report on stats on your streaming video or recorded videos. There is automatic recording if you want your live broadcast to be played back at a later time.

To see this in action go to , and .

We are available for on-the-spot notice for broadcasting emergencies that you have with a 1-2 day notice. Up to a 25Mb/s broadcast with no monthly or long term contracts.

25Mb/s translate into 781 28k streams (for dialups) or 89 273k streams (high quality broadband).

273k streaming video sample or 28k live stream sample.

We have been broadcasting multiple Florida's County Council Government Meetings for as long as 4 years.

Realacom has so much to offer, that it is impossible to list everything. Please contact us for more information on our rates and/or other hosting possibilities. Realacom can setup a standalone server for your large web site and/or business needs. We also have special rates for both large and group web sites.

Realacom programmers are available to design you web site. We also specialize in internet databases. We are available for the ASP.NET and ASP design and programming necessary to connect your databases to your web pages. Currently we can support Excel, dBase, Access, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Text, Paradox, and SQL Server databases for use in any web application.

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