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Design Services

 Realacom has designed and assisted in the design of some of the most successful sites on the web. Designing a website is not just a matter of it looking good. The site has to be user friendly, technically sound and incorporate advanced features seamlessly.

Working with you - Lets face it most people do not want change, especially employees. Realacom has the experience to bring about positive change. We will work with you to create an outstanding, productive web presence. 

Graphics design - Realacom's graphic designers are world class. Whether it's still photo's, video, Flash, animation, java, Realacom can integrate it into your site.

Advanced features - Our programmers can provide your company site with backend administration features, customized for your business and need.

Some of the services we have designed and integrated into sites are:

Web Customer Service (live)
360 virtual walk thru (real estate and boat sales)
Streaming video pay-per-view
Secure log on - membership sites
Shopping carts
Live video feeds
dhtml (menus, rollovers, etc. etc,)
Java (and it works)
ASP (all asp features)
Automated credit card services
Database (complete company records and accounts online)
and on and on...

It's nice to know that your webmaster or you has someone to talk to if you need help. If we can walk him thru it on the phone, there's no charge.
















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