BikeWeek 2002

March 1-10, 2002 The 61th Anniversary Bike Week
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March 1, 2002. First day of Bike Week 2002. Today is warmer than yesterday's 30 degrees in the morning. Not too many bikers are in town yet. Today is still to early for for many bikers which they should start coming in tomorrow and and in the middle of the week.
We will bring you pictures of what this area looks like now after all the vendors has setup.

March 2, 2002. Rain this morning. It took time to setup the cameras this morning to protect the equipment from rain.
Nice weather except for the rain.
Big weather picture of rain.

March 3, 2002. Hopefully no more rain.
It is 12:00am we pointed the camera toward some live music. They switch between recorded and live.
It will be pointed into the area for the rest of the day.

March 4, 2002.
I heard the the music only played for half an hour because of the rain yesterday.
The weather is turning cold again and suppose to be close to freezing tonight.
It is cloudy and cold around 50 degrees and the sun is starting to come out.
7:14 pm. We are giving you a temperature gauge tonight since it is suppose to be 34 degrees in the morning. Also you can see if it is clear or cloudy in the morning if you can view the video. This is live weather.
A second camera will be online tomorrow (the same one you saw 2 years ago). We will stream just video, no sound at 36 kbps.

March 5, 2002. Currently the camera is pointing toward Iron Horse.
Bad news for today as Big Daddy Rat died yesterday. He is one of the corner stone of Main St.
Our interview with Big Daddy Rat (Karl Smith) Interview with BDR in '97 You will find a large coverage of his shows in our web site over the years.
The Big Daddy Rat Bike Show will continue on this Saturday. There will be a half hour memorial during the show.

March 6, 2002.
They are saying about 70 degrees for today and maybe rain for tomorrow.

March 7, 2002.
They are saying about 72 degrees and cloudy for today and maybe rain.
We are working on getting videos and pictures to you tonight from today.
Video page.

March 8, 2002. Friday
Today is a nice day with clear skies.
Video page. More videos from today down at Main Street and the Ocean Center.
We will be covering the Big Daddy Rat Bike Show and the memorial in which some of the biggest names in the motorcycle world and maybe one from Hollywood will be there to pay their respect.
There is an estimate of 660,000 bikers here this weekend.

March 9, 2002. Saturday
Today is a nice day with clear skies.
Pictures of Big Daddy Rat Bike Show and Main St.
Pictures page
We will be covering the bike parade tomorrow.

March 10, 2002. Sunday
Today is a nice day with clear skies.
We have about 200 pictures covering the parade.
Pictures page

Currrent, 2002. Live Video.
Live video of bikeweek. with no sound. 36 kbps. Currently down. The camera is pointing toward Iron Horse. In the morning you can see all the beer trucks pulling in.Sharpness will improve 100% when we get another cable on the camera.

Please refresh this page to find the current status of the video.
The camera will be moved to different locations during the day and during the week.
There is no rebroadcast without the permission of Realacom/Far Reach Technologies, Inc.
Allow 10 seconds to buffer.

Feb 17, 2002. Pre-Bike Week Videos are here on a prebikeweek video page.
The videos are brought to you by Far Reach Technologies, Inc.

Jan 12, 2002. We are live and and ready to go with wireless Internet access extending from the corner of Airport Rd. and North U.S.1 at the Handyway thru the Iron Horse and Jackson Hole to the Broken Spoke Saloon.
Vendors, Inquiry at Realacom/Far Reach Technologies, Inc. for Internet access.

Media and Multimedia needing T-1 remote access contact Okey at 386-673-5116.

Jan 16, 2002. There is now wireless access on Beach St. in front of Harley-Davidson.
Vendors, Inquiry at Realacom/Far Reach Technologies, Inc. for Internet access.

Jan 23, 2002. In the next week we will give you videos of what this town looks like without Bike Week.
The bridge construction is now completed in north Ormond by the Iron Horse and
Big Daddy Rat is holding his annual bike show on March 9 in which we bring you the pictures, videos and sometimes live video.
Remember we give it to you here in black and white except for the pictures and videos.

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