BikeWeek 2002 pre-Bike Week Videos

March 1-10, 2002 The 61th Anniversary Bike Week

Jan 25, 2002. The videos are brought to you by Far Reach Technologies, Inc.
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Feb 17, 2002. Clear and sunny day.
First video is going north into north Ormond Beach where Iron Horse, Broken Spoke, Jackson Hole, and other businesses are.
Going north 40kbps
Going north 100kbps
Going north 250kbps
Going south 40kbps
Going south 100kbps
Going south 250kbps

Third video starts on International Speedway (U.S. 92)(the old name is Volusia Ave.) going east.
Volusia, Beach St., Main St. 40kbps
Volusia, Beach St., Main St. 100kbps
Volusia, Beach St., Main St. 250kbps

Fourth is around the Ocean Center (Daytona Beach Convention Center)
Ocean Center 40kbps

Calendar of events at Bike Week 2002

Current, 2002. Live Video
Live video of bikeweek. 36 kbps Currently down.
There is no rebroadcast without the permission of Realacom/Far Reach Technologies, Inc.
The camera is now between Iron Horse and Broken Spoke. The camera might be moved in front of Jackson Hole on US1 again. Allow 10 seconds to buffer.

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