BikeWeek 2002 Videos

March 1-10, 2002 The 61th Anniversary Bike Week

BikeWeek 2004

Jan 25, 2002. The videos are brought to you by Far Reach Technologies, Inc.

March 7, 2002. All videos are rough and for ISDN/DSL/Cable only.
Sound is not great due to high niose levels.
Southern boundary of bike week in Ormond Beach 100kbps
Passing by an area to the right with live music and crossing the street to Iron Horse 100kbps
Corner gas station be Iron Horse full of bikes 100kbps
Walking from Iron Horse to the Pig Pen and north toward Jackson Hole 100kbps
Walking from Pig Pen to Jackson Hole 100kbps
Quick walk in front of Corbin's setup 100kbps
A walk into Broken Spoke. 100kbps

An artist at Knuckle Head. We will have close up shots of their work tomorrow.
Artist Lady Galaxy 100kbps
Artist Lady Galaxy 2 100kbps
Lady Galaxy Traveling Art Show
Nikki Hartman

March 8, 2002. Friday. All videos are rough and the sound is bad for ISDN/DSL/Cable only.
Sound is not great due to high niose levels.
Big Daddy Rat Bike Show and Adventure Landings entrance. The show is tomorrow. 100kbps
Ocean Center and Harley-Davidson 100kbps
Main Street around noon time 100kbps

March 10, 2002. Check back in a couple of days to get the first 13 minutes of video of the bike parade. We will also have the memorial of BDR. They will be high quality videos.

March 17, 2002. Videos of the parade. Elvis can be seen at 11 minutes and 30 seconds
Videos of the parade 56kbps
Videos of the parade 100kbps
Videos of the parade 256kbps

Current, 2002. Live Video test.
Live video of bikeweek. 36 kbps Currently up.
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