BikeWeek 99 is Here

BikeWeek 2004

This week is starting out strong this year alive with bikers and even the deaf can hear these bikers miles away. Don't forget about the live video starting about the middle to the end of this week. We will have plenty of recorded video taken this week of different event and tours about the attractions, people, and motorcycles. 2/28/99 2:30am.

To see these videos you must have regular internet access through a regular internet service provider (AOL is not a regular internet service provider) and where your firewalls are not outdated or have the security set to the maximum and have NetShow or Media Player installed on your computer. Until we have have a high demand we are not going to stream the video as http which makes viewable behind proxies and firewalls.

Wednesday Night. test video The weather turned a little chilly again tonight.

Thursday: Winners of the Tattoo Contest held by Harley-Davidson at the Ocean Center.
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Friday:  Video from Main Street
                Video from Broken Spoke
                Video from Iron Horse
                Video from next door to Iron Horse

Saturday: Winners of the Bike Show
Video of all the bikes

We will have a special treat this year that no other web site will have this year (now it is next year due to lack of time).
Also the Rat's Hole Bike Show (all) will be broadcast live over the Internet next year hosted by us.


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Welcome to Daytona Bike Week! We are glad to see that you have found your way to our site. This site is brought to you by Realacom Internet Services, in order to make your trip to Daytona Bike Week an easier one. Just in case you are not quite sure if you should come to Daytona Beach for Bike Week, we have hundreds of pictures to browse through. We also have many areas that should be of help when you decide to plan your trip to Daytona Beach! Thank you for stopping by!

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