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March 3-12, 2000 The 59th Anniversary Bike Week

Feb 26, 2000. This year is said to bring 400,000 people to bikeweek this year. The vendors are already setting up and there are some riders already in the town. Today is nice bike riding weather today.
March 3, 2000. Today is the beginning of Bike Week 2000. If you can't come to Daytona Beach then we will just bring Bike Week to you.
March 4, 2000 8:30pm. Today and mostly tonight looks like BikeWeek that normally occurs at the end of BikeWeek. North Ormond is full of people, just look at the live video.
March 5, 2000 12:30pm I have been hearing yesterday and today that many bikers here thought that this weekend was Bike Week. Nope it is another 5 days away. Some people will be leaving today but more coming for next weekend.
March 7, 2000 Had a chance to give you guys exclusive pictures of H-D new bike and Rusty Wallace new paint job yesterday but I don't have may camera this week since it is currently be used international.
March 9, 2000 Thurs 4:00am Saw more bikers coming into town yesterday. The press was saying 500,000 bikers this year and it is probably true. Bike racing page is now complete.
March 10, 2000 Fri 1:50am Now they are saying there are going to be 600,000 to 650,000 bikers for BikeWeek. The camera will be moved about three times today. There are going to be two cameras covering the Bike Show tomorrow. Also I saw a turbine powered motorcycle (if you want to all type of bikes come to Daytona). It is said it will be in the bike show.
March 14, 2000 Tue 5:50am Yes it is over this year. The camera is still pointing at the Iron Horse. Last Saturday the Big Daddy Rat Bike Show was broadcast live for part of the day. We will probably move the camera to the beach pointing at the section of the one mile stretch that was closed this year that everyone complains about.

Photos submitted by bikers. Click here

- Wednesday 8
- Thursday 9
- Friday 10
- Saturday 11
- Sunday 12

Awards video of the Rat's Hole Custom Chopper Show. Click here The first 7 minutes has sound then the audio input failed.. The server will be up next week.

Race Schedule Daytona Speedway, Deland Airport, Barberville, New Smyrna

Events at Big Daddy Rat Bike Show

Events at Iron Horse Saloon

Events at Ocean Center

Calendar of events at Bike Week 2000

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